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Silli Border Terrier

Our Silli Little Doggie

The Silli Dog That Started it All...

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2019.10.10 Silli Grand Champion

See me in action at the shows!


Ranch Dog

See me in action at home!


Adventure Dog

See some of the fun things I like to do!


Cuddle Bug

I love cuddling with my family!


Hi, I’m Silli's Mom

Like all Border Terriers, Silli is the perfect blend of affection and adventure in a durable, tireless body.  Silli goes everywhere with me.  Here we are at the top of the Sierra Buttes in California. 


I'm diabetic, so I trained Silli as a breath sniffer.  She alerts me if my blood sugar gets too high or too low.   As a service dog, she really does go everywhere with me.  Into restaurants, the grocery store, mountain biking, you name it.  She is an amazing, multi-talented little dog!


Hi, I’m Silli's Dad

We have a ranch and when the topic of Border Terriers first came up, I told Julie I wanted to get a big dog that could help me out around the property!


I am still amazed at everything Silli has brought to our lives.  

Silli is the most affectionate dog. Happy to run around the ranch all day with me as I work.  She is very smart and knows how to handle herself around all of the animals and vehicles.  At night she just wants to cuddle on the couch with me. 

We ended up getting our second Border Terrier, Wookie, because Julie says I hog Silli... 

Silli Girls Hoodies.JPG

Hi, We are Silli's Kids

We don't agree on much, but what we do agree on is that Silli likes us best.  Yes, we all know FOR SURE that we are Silli's favorite ... each and every one of us!


Hi, We are Silli's Friends

We are Silli's friends and relatives.  Most of us live at the ranch with Silli, but a few of us, like Silli's Furry Mom (Miriam) and Dad (Joseph) live with Cindy and Kim at Lndi's Border Terriers.

Learn all about my family and friends!

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Puppy Availablity

Both Wookie and I have puppies occasionally.  To find out about upcoming litters and to get on our waiting list, please send us your information we we can send you a puppy questionnaire.

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